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What Are Tax Credit Scholarships?

Tax-credit scholarships, sometimes called scholarship tax credits, are different from other school choice programs, such as school vouchers. What sets them apart? The differences are the way they are funded and the allowed used of the money. To learn more about how tax-credit scholarships work, watch this video  that was produced by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice of Indianapolis.

Our Oklahoma Program


The Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act provides exciting new benefits for Oklahoma students, families, schools, and donors. It emphasizes scholarship help for lower and middle-income Oklahoma students. Students and families now have more affordable school choice than ever. Accredited private schools now have a powerful tool for building tuition scholarship capacity. Participating donors and sponsors will now be eligible for generous Oklahoma tax credits. Explore our website and discover how you may benefit from this innovative program.


A contribution to the Crossover Scholarship Fund will now earn Oklahoma tax credits of 75% of the donation amount if a person commits to give the same amount for two consecutive years. The tax credit limits remain at $1,000 for individual filers, $2,000 for joint filers, and $100,000 for businesses.